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AMA(SA) partners with local PPE supplier

Austofix is a South Australian company with the facilities and systems in place to assemble and package medical equipment to the highest standards and with TGA approval.

After more than 25 years as a manufacturer of orthopaedic implants, Austofix has moved into producing PPE, to support doctors, health practitioners and communities address the challenges of COVID-19.

The AMA(SA) has entered into an agreement with Austofix to ensure our members have access to the high-quality product they need, from a company that has guaranteed our members will receive fast, customised service.

The Austofix PPE is being packaged under a new ‘Austosafe’ branding. More information is available at


Place an order

AMA(SA) members should call Adelaide-based Austofix sales consultant Robert Caprile on 0419 261 924 or email him at Robert is making himself available to AMA(SA) members 24/7.

Robert has explained that the cost of the product is continually changing according to the cost of component materials that are in high demand around the world. He will work with our members on an individual basis to determine the best possible price, based on order volume and material costs at the time of ordering.