Media release: A/Prof William Tam re-elected to head AMA in SA

4 May 2018 

The Australian Medical Association (South Australia) is glad to announce the re-election of Associate Professor William Tam to the role of AMA(SA) president.

A/Prof Tam was re-elected unopposed at the Association’s Annual General Meeting at the Naval, Military and Airforce Club in Adelaide last night. This will be A/Prof Tam’s second year in office. He is supported by Vice President Dr Chris Moy, who was also re-elected unopposed.

4 MAY 2018

Statement: RAH/CALHN accreditation

24 March 2018

Following the release of the CALHN Accreditation Report, including the Royal Adelaide Hospital, AMA South Australia State President A/Pof William Tam made the following statement.

“The AMA(SA) urges SA Health to work closely with clinicians to resolve outstanding issues at the RAH.

24 MAR 2018

SA Election 2018: what next for health?

With crunch time coming for the SA state election, AMA State President Associate Professor William Tam is stressing that whichever party is able to form government after the election will need to put people at the centre when it comes to health care. “The AMA South Australia called its election priorities for this election “a people-first strategy” because that is what our health system needs to be about,” said A/Prof Tam.

“The patient needs to be at the heart. Can they access the services they need? Are they getting the right treatment? Is it the excellent care it should be?

16 MAR 2018

SA figures disappointing in 2017 national AMA Public Hospitals Report Card

AMA’s national hospitals report card highlights SA gaps

The AMA’s National Public Hospitals Report Card highlights that SA public hospitals are under pressure and under-performing.

The data break-down for SA includes:

Emergency presentations

In 2016-17, only 52 per cent of urgent emergency presentations were seen within the recommended 30 minutes – a disappointing result and a sharp drop from around 70 per cent achieved in 2011-12.

12 MAR 2018

AMA(SA) welcomes Labor's EPAS move

The Australian Medical Association (South Australia) has welcomed the Labor Party’s confirmation that a re-elected Labor Government would institute an independent review into the EPAS electronic medical record system.

An independent review of EPAS to determine if and how it can meet the grade as a ‘fit for purpose’ electronic health system is one of the major calls in the Association’s ‘Key Priorities for Health’ for this state election.

“EPAS has been a controversial issue for years now,” said AMA state president Associate Professor William Tam.

9 MAR 2018

AMA(SA) Media Comment: Royal Commission into health

Comments from AMA(SA) State President Associate Professor William Tam

“The proposal of a royal commission is new to the AMA(SA). It is not something we have called for or been consulted on. We will consider the proposal, but at this point it looks expensive and expansive. More detail would be needed, and there would need to be a guarantee that this would not be an expensive and time-consuming exercise that would take money away from the provision of frontline health services, and delay needed changes.”

2 FEB 2018