AMA(SA) Membership Rates

Whatever your area of medicine, or type of employment, there is an AMA Membership option for you.

Checkout our Membership Rates for pricing and membership categories.

If you are a member, will a different membership category apply to you next year?

If you will no longer be a Doctor in Training or changing your year as a GP Registrar, or if you are between full-time and part-time employment or retiring, please contact us at or 08 8361 0108 before you renew, so we can update our records and re-invoice you accordingly.  

If you are a student member and will be graduating this year, it's time to change to a Doctor-in-Training membership. Please contact us at 08 8361 0108 or, so we can organise this for you.


Membership fees can be paid annually, or monthly by direct debit. To pay by direct debit at no extra cost, please complete the form below. 

If you pay monthly and there has been a change to your payment details or credit card expiry date, please advise us by completing a new direct debit form.

Student Membership

Membership for current medical students is FREE.

Joint membership

If your spouse/partner is also a member of AMA(SA), or if you are wishing to join together, there are discounted rates available. To find out more, please contact us at or 08 8361 0108.


If you have any questions about your membership or how to renew - or if there is anything else we can do to help you - please contact Emma Hart on 08 8361 0108 or