Doctors in Training

The Australian Medical Association represents and advocates for all doctors, from medical students to retired practitioners. One of the most important groups comprises the thousands of doctors in training across the country.

At national level and within each state, the AMA Council for Doctors in Training (AMACDT) and Doctors in Training (DiT) committees listen to and advocate for junior doctors. Our campaigns to raise awareness about issues and challenges facing DiTs are based on the input of the junior doctors – from interns to fellows – who confront those issues in their studies, training, and relationships with colleagues and employers.

In South Australia, AMA(SA) DiT Committee meetings include State AMA(SA) leaders, ensuring concerns are heard and potential remedies incorporate the knowledge and expertise of junior doctors and senior practitioners. This year, the DiT Committee has been committed to identifying and addressing the problems facing junior doctors created or exacerbated by the pandemic.

In 2019, the Committee released the first AMA(SA) Hospital Health Check, which outlined the results of a survey of the state’s junior doctors. It provided evidence of issues including bullying, harassment and discrimination in South Australia’s teaching hospitals, and was instrumental in the AMA(SA) staging our Culture and Bullying Summit in February 2020.

Each year the AMA(SA) produces an Intern Guide to help interns understand the challenges and opportunities in their new careers.

The AMA website provides a lot of information about AMACDT advocacy. For more information about the AMA(SA) DiT Committee, please contact

AMA(SA) Hospital Health Check

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AMA(SA) Intern Guide