Other Benefits & Services

AMA(SA) members have access to the following organisations and their benefits:

AMA Medical Products

Our large selection, fast nationwide delivery and affordable prices mean that everywhere from the single-doctor clinic to the large metropolitan hospitals can easily get the medical products and supplies they require.

Discuss your needs with us and we’ll work together to get the products you need to provide better healthcare to your patients. Place your order today:

We offer discount to AMA(SA) members, just call the office for your unique discount code.

AMA Careers Service

The AMA Careers Service is managed by AMA Victoria and is available free to fully financial AMA South Australian members. To learn more about the range of free and paid services for members, please log in to our website and view 'AMA Careers Service'.  

Free services include an initial 15-minute telephone discussion with one of our careers consultants to discuss any career related matter and also a 15-minute telephone discussion with a career consultant in which we review the current state of your resume and provide feedback and recommendations for improvement.

AMA Victoria also provide a range of other career, professional and leadership coaching services at an AMA member rate. To explore these services, please visit Professional Development & Careers on the AMA Victoria website.

If you are seeking learning to support your career progression, please search the doctorportal Learning CPD catalogue. AMA career support modules are free for members, while non-members pay a fee.  

AMA’s CPD Tracker, available on doctorportal Learning, is FREE for all doctors to self-manage their CPD. Click here to learn more. 




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