A system in crisis

24 Feb 2022


AMA(SA) is asking the state’s voters to scrutinise how candidates are proposing to fix the health system after the 19 March election.

In its 2022 Election Priorities document released on 24 February, AMA(SA) outlines key health sectors that require significant attention and investment so patients can access and receive the care they should expect.

‘We knew South Australia’s health system was broken,’ says AMA(SA) President Dr Michelle Atchison. ‘The pandemic has confirmed it.

‘Everything about the health system that was wrong, or flawed, or damaged before COVID-19 has been demonstrated as contributing to the current crisis.

‘On behalf of patients, carers and family members, today and in the years ahead, AMA(SA) seeks an overhaul of the health system so it can cope with existing demands pre-COVID and evidence-based predictions for the future.’

In the priorities document, AMA(SA) outlines three overarching actions that members want prioritised by the incoming government, to address problems across all components of the health system.

  1. Ease the public hospital logjam
  2. More data, more access
  3. Equal access to equivalent care

The AMA(SA) 2022 Election Priorities document is here. The media statement announcing the release of the document is here.

Published: 24 Feb 2022