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AMA(SA) has partnered with Mitsubishi Motors Australia as a preferred provider of vehicles.  This partnership offers AMA(SA) members the following benefits:

  1. National Fleet Discount with Diamond Advantage to all AMA(SA) Members.
    • Diamond Advantage consists of
      • 10 Years Warranty
      • 10 Years Capped Price Servicing
      • Four years Roadside Assist (when servicing requirements are maintained)
  2. Mitsubishi Motors Business Advantage (MMBA) is also on offer; Is risk free, cash flow friendly and reduces the administrative burden. Bundle all your vehicle needs into one flexible, fully maintained operating lease and free up cash to put back into your business.    
  3. Access to Fleet IQ; An advanced web-based platform that uses GPS to provide near real-time visibility and insight over your vehicle assets and workforce. Improvements in productivity, safety and security are just a screen-swipe away!

Contact us for your exclusive Business Partner Number which will allow you and your active members easy access to our National Fleet Pricing through our Dealer Network


NB: a full 12 months fee is payable in advance.