Congratulations to our new Life Members!

5 May 2022



AMA(SA) President Dr Michelle Atchison congratulated South Australia’s newest Life Members of the AMA at a morning tea on 2 May.

Dr Atchison welcomed 11 Life Members at an event she said was important in recognising and acknowledging the contributions the doctors had made to medicine over more than half a century.

‘As members of this association for at least 50 years, these doctors and AMA members have led, participated in and witnessed innovations and changes that have revolutionised the practice of medicine and transformed people’s lives,’ Dr Atchison said.

‘They have mentored and supported generations of junior doctors – the doctors who are now leading the profession and its development in the same way they have done.

Dr Atchison said that without people who devote their lives to helping people as medical practitioners, we would not have an AMA with the reputation and profile we do today.

Life memberships have been awarded to 21 doctors, some of whom were unable to attend the morning tea.

  • Respiratory and sleep medicine physician Dr Ratomir (Ral) Antic
  • Cardiologists Dr Bronte Ayres and Professor William Heddle
  • General practitioners Dr Freddie Carrangis, Dr Alison Gazard, Dr Peter Joseph, Dr John Latham, Dr Robert Thompson, Dr Graham Fleming, Dr Clive Philpott, Dr Robin Wedd, Dr Hugh Kildea, Dr William Morrison, Dr James Psaltis and Dr Eng Hock (Harry) Tan
  • Immunologist and allergist Dr Ann Kupa
  • Otolaryngologist (ENT surgeon) Dr Ronald Baker
  • Paediatrician Dr Judith Jaensch
  • Pathologist Associate Professor Robert Heddle
  • Psychiatrist Dr Rene Pols
  • Urologist Dr David Elder

We congratulate each Life Member and offer our thanks for their contributions to the AMA and the profession.

Published: 5 May 2022