AMA ready to help government build a sustainable, efficient SA Pathology

4 Apr 2019


Australian Medical Association (SA) members will carefully monitor how the State Government uses the next 12 months to build effective, cost-efficient and sustainable public pathology services in South Australia.


Associate Professor William Tam, president of the AMA (SA), said the AMA welcomed the State Government’s decision to retain public control for now as the best result for South Australian patients, clinicians and future pathologists.


‘We look forward to working with the government to ensure South Australians continue to have access to the best, affordable pathology services across the state,’ Dr Tam said.


Dr Tam was responding to comments this morning from Health and Wellbeing Minister Stephen Wade, who said the government would delay any decision about the future of SA Pathology for 12 months.


Mr Wade’s comments followed the release overnight of a consultants’ report recommending that SA Pathology be given some time to meet savings and efficiency targets before its future is determined.


‘The AMA has been strongly advocating for SA Pathology services to remain in public hands,’ Dr Tam said. ‘Efficient, accessible pathology services are critical ingredients in 21st-century medicine and healthcare.


‘The Minister has indicated this morning that there won’t be a decision about SA Pathology’s future for 12 months. The AMA looks forward to reading the consultants’ report, then working closely with the Minister, SA Health and SA Pathology over the next few months to help build and shape the best model and the best services for everyone involved.’

Published: 4 Apr 2019