History Committee

20 Feb 2020

historical committee

Members: Dr David Evans, Dr Peter Kreminski, Dr Thea Limmer, Dr Tom Turner, AMA(SA) CEO Dr Samantha Mead.


Website: https://amasahistoricalcommittee.wordpress.com


Mission Statement for the History Committee 

To preserve the history of the AMA(SA) for the benefit of the medical community and in the public interest

Terms of Reference

1. To contribute to the status and understanding of the AMA of South Australia.

2. Undertake on behalf of the AMA(SA) Council projects relating to preserving the history of AMA(SA).

3. Provide advice to Council on matters relating to the management of relevant records; artefacts and memorabilia of the AMA(SA) in areas of conservation, cataloguing and storage, display and profiling.

4. Recommend to the AMA(SA) Council and oversee projects relating to appropriate disposal of items not directly related to the history of the AMA(SA).

5. Liaise with relevant institutions on matters of mutual interest relevant to the mission and purpose of the AMA(SA) Historical Committee.

6. Assist and advise the medical profession and general public upon matters of historical relevance upon request.


Published: 20 Feb 2020