Partnerships the answer to healthcare crisis

9 Apr 2019

The president of the Australian Medical Association in South Australia, Associate Professor William Tam, said today’s tour of the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s emergency department will give Australian College of Medicine (ACEM) president Dr Simon Judkins a ‘coalface’ view of conditions at the hospital.


‘The AMA welcomes insights from Dr Judkins and the ACEM about how emergency departments can and should work to maximise health and wellbeing outcomes for patients across South Australia,’ Dr Tam said.


Dr Tam said he was looking forward to working with Dr Judkins, the ACEM and SA Health to solve ongoing problems at South Australian emergency departments, including at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH).


He said issues of ramping, mental health access block and inadequate staffing had been raised repeatedly in recent years but continued to have significant impacts on patient care and outcomes.


The AMA’s Specialty Group Council Emergency Medicine representative, Dr Thiru Govindan, will lead the inspection tour.


Dr Govindan said a united, collaborative approach is needed to improve conditions and outcomes for patients, communities and medical staff.


‘The issues that plague the RAH emergency department have a ripple effect through the community,’ Dr Govindan said. ‘Ramping and bed blocking in one hospital puts pressure on other hospitals and on the staff doing their best to make the system work for everyone concerned.’

Published: 9 Apr 2019